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Is Bankrate reliable? 

Sometimes. Bankrate does provide in-depth insight into insurance companies, but may allow its partnerships with advertisers to affect its recommendations. As far as its comparison tool goes, some users will get good results, but not every user. So, we would say Bankrate is only sometimes reliable.

Is Bankrate safe?  

Yes, Bankrate is reasonably safe to use. In its car insurance comparison quiz, it only collects your address and email, but allows you to opt out of promotional emails. However, Bankrate does recommend other comparison sites and quote aggregators in its results which are high risk of spam, so beware if you leave Bankrate’s site. 

Is Bankrate legit?

Bankrate is legit in that it offers advice and reviews of insurance companies. It does not itself sell insurance. Bankrate discloses that its partnerships with advertisers do impact the information it shares and how and where recommendations and offers appear on the site.

Is Bankrate a good insurance company?  

Bankrate is not an insurance company. It is an online publication that specializes in topics around personal finance. It does provide reviews and recommendations for insurance companies, and it has a comparison tool powered by its sister site,