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Who owns Gabi?

Gabi is owned by Experian, which is a well-established name in financial services. They acquired Gabi in 2021. Gabi was established in 2016.

Is Gabi reliable?

Gabi’s rates come from a system called Rate Call 1. Because they are an insurance broker, they can provide quotes for companies that they can write policies for. However, this does not mean that every driver profile will get results for every insurance company Gabi partners with.

Is Gabi safe?

Yes, Gabi is reasonably safe to use. After testing our profiles, we did not receive a large number of spam calls, and all the calls we received seemed to be from Gabi/Experian themselves. Gabi does, however, share your contact information with their parent company, Experian.

Is Gabi legit?

Gabi is legit in the sense that it is not a spammy insurance comparison site and it will give live quotes to certain driver profiles. However, you may not receive a quote depending on your unique driver profile and factors. 

Is Gabi a good insurance company?​

Gabi is not an insurance company. Actually, it is an insurance broker, which means it is licensed to sell you an insurance policy on behalf of some of its partners; however, they will not act as your insurance company.