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How can I lower my car insurance in Georgia? 

There are a variety of ways to lower your car insurance premium in Georgia. Many insurance companies offer discounts that can reduce your rate. Choosing a higher deductible can also lead to lower monthly payments. Having a good credit score and avoiding accidents and traffic violations will help you maintain a low rate overtime. 

What is the average car insurance in Georgia? 

The average cost of full coverage car insurance for all drivers in Georgia is $1,884 per year, or about $98 per month. To compare, the U.S. national average car insurance premium is $2,049 per year. However, keep in mind that car insurance rates are different for everyone, so your premium could be higher or lower than average depending on your driver profile, vehicle, and coverage needs. 

What is the cheapest car insurance in Georgia for seniors? 

There isn’t a single cheapest car insurance company for senior drivers in Georgia. The cost of car insurance is personalized to each driver depending on factors like ZIP code, credit score, vehicle type, driving history, policy limits, and more. Seniors should compare rates from multiple different insurers to find the cheapest policy for their situation.