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You say you don’t limit results – why do I not see all 200+ you search?

At Rate Retriever, we want to help you compare as many companies as we can. However, to keep our comparison tools free to our users, we do have to limit the amount of data we display on each search. The list of companies you see represent top carriers in your geographic area based on the total premiums written. We are exploring ways to expand our search results in the future.

Is it cheaper to buy insurance through Rate Retriever?

There is no such thing as discount insurance because insurance rates are regulated by law. However, insurance companies calculate risk and assign rates differently based on your driver profile. They outline how they use certain factors to calculate their rates in their rating plan, which must be approved by the state.

Rate Retriever uses this data to estimate what you’ll pay at top insurance companies in your state. By comparing rates for multiple companies in one place, you’re most likely to find the cheapest rates for you. 

Is Rate Retriever a corporate affiliate of any insurance company? ​

Rate Retriever is an independent company that is not owned by an insurance provider, nor do we provide insurance ourselves. This independence allows us to serve as an insurance research tool, allowing you to accurately and transparently compare insurance companies that can meet your unique needs at a price you can afford. We may earn a commission when you click one of the links or call one of the providers listed on our site; however, we do not allow our partnerships to influence the information we provide. 

How does Rate Retriever make money?

Rate Retriever works with national and local insurance providers to provide our users with a seamless insurance shopping experience. We may earn a commission from our insurance provider partners when you click on a link, call, or purchase a policy from one of the providers listed on our site. That said, we’re committed to providing you with accurate, bias-free information, and we do not allow our partnerships to limit the results or influence the information we share with you.  

We do not sell your personal information, charge you for using our tools, or sell you insurance policies. Additionally, should you choose to purchase a policy from one of our partners, the price you pay will not be adversely affected. 

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How is Rate Retriever different than other insurance websites?

The biggest difference between Rate Retriever and other comparison sites is that we are a free and impartial research tool NOT an insurance marketplace.​ This means you can’t purchase a policy directly through, but you can use our tool to independently research your options and seamlessly connect with the provider you choose.

Unlike other insurance comparison sites, we:

  • Use third-party data to give you more accurate rate estimates instead of inaccurate, suspiciously low quotes to get you in the door
  • Do not limit your list of results to paid advertisers
  • Do not collect your email or phone number before we let you see your results
  • Give you results after just five questions (however, your results will be more accurate if you complete your profile)

We like to think that Rate Retriever is your insurance companion, not just another insurance comparison site. Our values guide everything we do, which is why we strive to offer transparent, trustworthy insurance tools.

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