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Can You Get Car Insurance Without a Car?

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Though it may seem like a silly question to ask, not everyone who needs car insurance owns a car of their own. Whether they live in a major city or simply don’t yet have a car, it doesn’t mean they don’t ever drive, which makes having car insurance an important liability measure in case an accident were to occur while they were behind the wheel. 
Thankfully, plenty of car insurance companies recognize that some drivers need to have car insurance before actually buying a car, they and offer insurance protection policies tailored to their needs. 
Let’s discuss the instances where non-driver car insurance coverage may be a good idea to have, what car insurance coverage options look like for a typical non-driver, and how Rate Retirever can make the entire process of getting car insurance that fits your needs and budget easy.

This resource will give you a better idea of what kinds of coverage are available to you and which will likely be the best fit for your situation.

  I hardly ever drive. Do I really need car insurance?

Any time you get behind the wheel you are putting yourself and others at risk if you do not have car insurance. This is a fact even if you are a good driver, and even if you only drive now and then. 
While your risk may be lower than someone who drives every day, there is always a chance for something to happen that may be out of your control. Even with a limited insurance plan, you can financially protect yourself in an at-fault accident, and that alone makes it an important thing to have. 
If you’re still wondering if you need car insurance, consider if any of the following situations might pertain to you:

  • Your state requires you to have insurance no matter how much you drive

  • You use or plan to use a car-sharing service

  • You borrow other people’s cars

  • You often rent cars for vacations or long trips

  • You plan to buy a car soon 

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  What is non-driver car insurance?

While you could get a full-blown or standard car insurance policy, occasional drivers have a unique opportunity to get limited coverage known as a non-owner or non-driver car insurance policy. 
A non-driver car insurance policy offers liability and property damage coverage to non-drivers (or those who do not own their own car) if the policyholder is found at fault for damages or bodily injury caused to others during an accident. This coverage does not cover vehicle damage or injuries for the driver but would protect you up to your coverage limit from paying out of pocket for another driver’s auto repairs or medical payments. 
Depending on the auto insurer, a non-driver policy may also include rental car liability coverageor uninsured or underinsured motorist liability insurance. Since non-driver insurance offers less coverage than a standard plan, they are generally significantly cheaper than a standard car insurance policy.  

  Can you set your own limits with non-driver insurance?

Every state has its own minimum coverage limit amounts, even for non-driver car insurance. However, if you wish to opt-in for higher coverage limits for your limited coverage plan, you should speak with your insurance provider. This may be a good idea if you plan to drive in an unfamiliar place like on vacation or if your past driving record isn’t the most impressive.

  Pay less for non-driver insurance coverage with Rate Retriever

No matter what your reason for not owning a car, if you plan to get behind the wheel, you should consider the financial protection a non-driver insurance policy can provide. Rate Retriever makes it easy to find the best and most affordable non-driver policy available to you. 

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