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Subaru is the cheapest popular brand for car insurance

Written by Katie Dee

Edited by Alyssa DiCrasto

Published on 2023-10-17

With an estimated average annual premium of $1,870, Subaru is currently the cheapest popular car brand for car insurance. The Subaru Outback is the cheapest 2023 vehicle to insure, coming in at 18% cheaper than the average vehicle, and the Forester takes second place at 16% cheaper. All of the other most popular 2023 Subaru models are 5% or more below the average cost of car insurance.  

Subarus are known for being safe, comfortable, and reliable cars that won’t break the bank, but what makes Subaru car insurance so inexpensive? 

Why is car insurance for Subaru so cheap?

Subarus are known to be built-to-last and affordable, both of which contribute to lower insurance costs. It is important to remember that there are several factors beyond the make and model of your car that impact your rates, including your age, location, and credit score. 

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It is always a good idea to compare rates at the car insurance companies in your area to be sure you are not overpaying for your Subaru car insurance. 

Another reason why Subarus are cheaper to insure than other popular vehicle brands is their history of scoring highly on crash and safety tests.  

Generally, the more risk a car insurance company takes on by insuring your car, the higher your premium will be. Since Subaru’s have a proven safety record, car insurance companies are more likely to give them a cheaper annual premium.  

Insurance companies may even offer exclusive discounts for Subaru drivers, so be sure to seek out any applicable discounts before you choose a car insurance company.

How does Subaru car insurance vary by model?

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On average, car insurance for a Subaru can cost anywhere from around $1,690 to $2,020. According to our research, the cheapest Subaru model to insure is the Subaru Outback (18% cheaper than the average vehicle) while the most expensive is the Subaru CrossTrek (5% cheaper than the average vehicle).  

One reason why the Outback is Subaru’s cheapest model could be that it has a lower rate of accidents and driver deaths. In fact, the 2023 Subaru Outback is the safest new vehicle on the road today, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, with the 2023 Subaru Ascent not far behind.  

Another reason the Subaru Outback is less expensive to insure could also be that the cost of repair and replacement parts may be cheaper.  

Conversely, the Subaru CrossTrek may be a more expensive model to insure because of higher costs associated with repairing or replacing parts if the vehicle is involved in a covered accident.  

The price to insure either of these models will depend on several outside factors as well, such as the year and trim level of your specific vehicle as well as your age, credit score, and the state you live in. To get a better idea of how much car insurance costs in your state, check out Rate Retriever’s quarterly insurance rates report. 

Saving money on Subaru car insurance

There are multiple options available to you to save money on your Subaru car insurance. The first thing you should do is shop around and compare rates at different companies in your area so that you find the one with the best rates for you. 

Beyond that, improving your credit score may help to save you money on your annual premium. Typically, drivers with good or excellent credit pay a fair amount less for car insurance than drivers with fair or poor credit scores. 

Keep in mind that California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts do not take credit scores into consideration when pricing car insurance.  

You could also investigate defensive driving courses available through your car insurance company. Several companies offer these courses to help consumers brush up on their driver safety knowledge, and they offer discounts to those who successfully complete them.

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