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The best car insurance companies in 2024

Car insurance companies set different rates for different people based on a variety of factors. See what you should pay at the top car insurance companies in your state.

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Finding the best company for you

Although it can seem challenging to search for reliable and affordable car insurance, it’s important to find the best insurance company for you so your family can have the coverage you need.  

The good news is several companies offer coverage at an affordable rate, and Rate Retriever can help you find the best car insurance companies for your driver profile. 



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Top 10 most popular car insurance companies in the US

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Why you can trust Rate Retriever

Our rates are based on public rate filings obtained by analytics company First Interpreter. While we may partner with some of the carriers you see on our site, we maintain editorial independence and it does not affect the rates you see. Read more about our rating methodology or see our rigorous editorial policy. 

Written by Alyssa DiCrasto

Last updated: March 20, 2023

Highest-rated car insurance companies

The highest-rated car insurance company depends on where you live since some highly rated companies only offer coverage in certain areas or to certain demographics. Additionally, some national car insurance companies provide different levels of service in different geographic areas.

Nationally, USAA is consistently the highest-rated car insurance company; however, USAA only offers coverage to veterans or active-duty military. Other national companies with high ratings include State Farm and Geico. Erie Insurance, Mid-Atlantic, Amica, and Shelter are highly rated in their respective regions.

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Cheapest car insurance companies

Sometimes, the best car insurance company is simply the company that gives you the cheapest rates.

Car insurance companies assign different rates to different people based on where you live, the vehicle you drive, the coverage you want, and other personal factors such as your age and driving record. Because of this, the cheapest car insurance companies for you might be different than the cheapest car insurance companies for a neighbor or friend. 

Here is the average cost for car insurance at national car insurance companies:

Company Average Annual Premium
USAA 1,457
Progressive 1,497
Nationwide 1,602
Geico 1,669
Auto-Owners Insurance 1,698
Travelers 1,818
State Farm 1,967
Farmers 2,476
Allstate 2,504

Annual rates for a 35-year-old male driving a 2023 RAV4, estimated using publicly sourced data from First Interpreter. Rates do not represent actual quotes. Accurate as of January 2024.

The above rates only represent companies that serve a large portion of the United States. You might find that they do not provide coverage in your state, or that local insurance companies will offer you better rates. To find the company that will give you the cheapest car insurance, it’s importanat to compare rates at  number of companies near you.

How to find the best insurance company

Comparing quotes is the most reliable way to find the best car insurance company. By receiving personalized cost estimates from various insurance providers, you can compare policies and prices. Be sure to also review other factors, such as a company’s customer satisfaction score and reviews. 

Lastly, don’t forget to get quotes from local providers as well. While the most popular auto insurance companies are known nationwide, there may be a local provider in your area that offers exactly what you’re looking for at a price that works for you. 

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Alternative or non-traditional insurance companies

If you have a unique driver profile, the biggest or most popular car insurance companies. For non-standard drivers who may have recent incidents on their record, those with poor credit, those who drive fewer than 10,000 miles annually, or those with a luxury or custom vehicle, alternative car insurance options may prove to be the best. In this case, choosing a non-traditional car insurance company might be a better option. 

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Best car insurance companies for good drivers

The best car insurance for good drivers depends on where you live, the vehicle you drive, and the coverage you’re looking for. For the average person with a clean driving record, these are some of the companies that offer cheap rates for good drivers:

  • State Farm
  • Nationwide
  • Geico
  • Progressive

Additionally some companies offer discounts or good driver programs that reward good drivers. If you’re interested in a good driver discount, you can look into Allstate, Farmers, Liberty Mutual as well.

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Best car insurance companies for bad drivers

You might be a high-risk driver if you have been convicted of a DUI, have multiple at-fault accidents on your record, have been caught driving without car insurance, or have had your insurance lapse more than once. 

These types of violations can make it difficult to get approved for car insurance, so you might need to apply with a non-standard company. These non-standard car insurance providers offer some of the cheapest rates: 

  • Direct Auto 
  • Dairyland 
  • Kemper 
  • The General 
  • Esurance 

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What to look for in a car insurance company

When looking for car insurance, it’s important to consider all your options. There are many insurance companies out there, and each one has its benefits and drawbacks. Here’s what to look for in a car insurance company when researching providers. 

The cost of car insurance is one of the most significant factors to consider when comparing quotes from various companies. Each provider determines their rates differently based on a set of factors such as your demographics, where you live, and the vehicle you drive. When you get personalized car insurance quotes, you can choose the provider that will be cheapest for you. 

However, keep in mind that the cheapest auto insurance provider might not be the best. It’s important to consider other factors, like reliability and ratings, that might make paying more for your monthly premium worth it.  

Before choosing a car insurance company, you should determine if the policy they offer you meets your needs. If you want full coverage or special coverage such as classic car insurance or ride-sharing coverage, be sure the provider you choose offers policies for that insurance at appropriate limits. 

A claim is when you report an accident to your insurance provider in order to receive the benefits of your insurance policy. It’s important to know and feel confident in your provider’s claims process in case you need to report an accident.  

The best car insurance companies have a fast and streamlined claims process, with tools and functions that make it easy to submit your report online or on the go. 

The best car insurance companies in 2022 are tech-savvy, making it easy for customers to get the help they need. Find out: Does the insurance company have a 24/7 support line, a mobile app, an online chat feature, or multiple ways to contact a live person? Is their website easy to navigate? Can I easily find the information you need online or over the phone?  

Essentially, you’re looking to answer this question: will they be easy to reach when I need them the most?  

It’s also important to see what the people the company insures are saying about it. Read both positive and negative reviews from past and current customers to get a good idea of the benefits and drawbacks of a certain insurance company. No company has a perfect score, but those that have a generally positive score are more likely to deliver a good customer experience.  

Many of the best car insurance companies utilize mobile applications to improve the customer experience. When comparing providers, be sure to look at their app’s rating for IOS or Android devices. You can get a good idea of how accessible and responsive the app experience is from reading online reviews.  

What to look for in a car insurance quote

Getting a personalized quote is essential in choosing the best car insurance company for you.  While a company may offer general pricing information on their website, be sure to request a quote that is tailored to your profile and preferences. That way, you’ll get a more accurate estimate of the actual amount you’ll pay. 

When comparing car insurance quotes from multiple companies, consider the cost of the policy, the amount of coverage, and any discounts available to you. At first glance, the cheapest policy may look the best, but it might not provide the type and amount of coverage you want and need.  

Additionally, car insurance discounts can make a significant difference in the amount you pay. If you don’t see discounts on your personalized car insurance quote, be sure to inquire about any before selecting a policy. 

How to compare car insurance companies

The first step in comparing top car insurance companies is to receive a personalized quote from the providers that best match your profile. Be sure to provide the same information to all companies when submitting details about yourself and your vehicle for the most accurate comparison.  

Once you receive quotes from multiple car insurance companies, it’s essential to compare coverage before cost. Make sure you compare policies with the same coverage types and amounts to accurately assess and identify the best estimated premium. And remember, comparing top car insurance companies doesn’t stop after reviewing the quotes. You should also read third-party reviews to learn more about the company’s customer satisfaction ratings.  

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How to find the best car insurance company for you

The best car insurance company for you may be different than the best car insurance company for your neighbor or friend. 

Follow these steps to learn how to find the best car insurance company that meets your needs: 

1. Know what car insurance coverage you need

To choose the right insurance policy, you’ll first need to know what coverage you need. Most states require drivers to carry specific types of coverage. Find your state to learn the exact coverage types and limit amounts required by law.  Additionally, if you lease or finance your vehicle, your lender may require you to carry a certain kind and amount of insurance.  

Once you know what coverage you are required to have, investigate what other types of insurance are available to you to see if you would like to add any coverage for expenses not covered in your minimum requirements. For example, you may want collision insurance to help cover your own property and injury expenses in an at-fault accident.  

2. Determine your budget

Once you know what coverage you need, it’s time to think about how much you’re willing to spend on car insurance monthly. Keep in mind that newer and expensive cars are typically more costly to insure, and your lender may require you to purchase full coverage if you lease or finance your vehicle. 

3. Get personalized car insurance rates

Once you know what you’re looking for and the price you’re willing to pay, it’s time to research car insurance companies. 

You can do this manually by researching each company to find ones that seem to provide a positive customer experience, and then requesting a personalized quote from each. If you choose to take the manual route, be sure to provide the same information to all insurance companies when requesting cost estimates to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. 

Alternatively, you can use a car insurance comparison tool which allows you to input basic information about yourself and your vehicle and then matches you with competitive car insurance companies for you based on your answers. 

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