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How Rate Retriever works

We make shopping for car insurance easy: you take our quiz, we retrieve rates from leading insurance providers, you find a great policy.

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What we do

We like to think that Rate Retriever is your insurance companion, not just another insurance marketplace. Our primary goal is to make car insurance shopping easy and transparent.

Every insurance company has a different way of assigning rates based on your profile. To help you find the right insurance, we use your profile information and search historical pricing data, state filings, and real-time information from insurance carriers to create a list of relevant recommendations. We also include additional detail on each carrier – such as the discounts and types of insurance they offer – to help you compare even further.

An important note: when you take the short quiz, we make some general assumptions that may impact the prices you see (such as the number of traffic violations you have). We give you the opportunity to improve the accuracy of your results by providing us with more details.  You do this when you complete your profile.

How it works



Tell us a little about yourself. No phone or email required



We estimate how much you’ll pay with the top providers in your state


Compare and save

Choose from the initial options or improve your results with a more detailed profile

How do we make money?

We do everything we do with your best experience in mind, and because of this we try to be as transparent as possible. However, the ways we don’t make money are just as important to us as the ways we do: we don’t sell your personal contact information,  we don’t charge you for using our comparison tools, and we don’t sell you insurance.

So, how do we make money? Rate Retriever may earn a commission from our insurance provider partners when you click on our links or call one of the providers listed on our site. That said, we’re committed to providing you with the most accurate information available to us. To learn more, check out our editorial policy and our earnings disclosure.