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We strive to be the most trusted resource for comparing insurance rates. 

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We started Rate Retriever to solve the big problems that come with shopping for insurance today. We took everything we hated about comparing car insurance quotes online – the spam, the long questionnaires, the limited choices, the inaccuracy of quotes – and threw it out the window, favoring a short form that more accurately estimates what you’ll pay at each of the top insurance companies near you. 

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The Rate Retriever team meets with ASYMM, our partners in UX design

Our mission

Our mission is to make the way consumers shop for insurance transparent and fair through user-friendly tools that respect our user’s privacy and deliver reliable, comprehensive results. We aim to empower consumers to make the best decisions for their insurance needs and give insurance carriers a platform to connect with their target customers.

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We show you how much car and home insurance will cost with companies near you. Your results will not be limited to paid sponsors. 

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We stay current on the rates offered by car and home insurance companies so you can be confident that you found the most affordable company for you. 



We will not sell your contact information. We create tools with your best experience in mind.



We will partner with car and home insurance companies to provide you with a seamless insurance shopping experience 

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