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About Rate Retriever

We started Rate Retriever to solve the big problems that come with shopping for car insurance today. We spent countless hours testing out other insurance quote aggregators – and then countless hours more fending off the flood of unwanted calls, texts, and emails we got after.

We knew we could create a better experience. We took everything we hated about comparing car insurance quotes online – the spam, the long questionnaires, the inaccuracy of quote prices – and threw it out the window, creating a tool designed with your best experience in mind.

Our mission

Our mission is to create the best possible experience for people who are searching for new insurance so you can get the coverage you need at a price you can afford. To do this, we try to embody the values of our mascot, the Golden Retriever.

Rate Retriever dog in nature

Transparent and trustworthy

We will not sell your contact information, and we will give you straightforward insurance information.


Loyal to our users

Everything we do, we do with your best experience in mind. This means delivering a simple shopping experience every time. 

User information

Friendly and intelligent

Insurance is confusing. We try to make it easy to understand.

Who we are: haters of spam, lovers of fetch

Rate Retriever is an insurance marketplace that works with national and regional insurance providers to help our users find competitive insurance.  

The people behind Rate Retriever are just like you: we hate getting hounded by companies and we want to be confident that we’re getting the right policy for the right price. That’s why we created a spam-free way to compare a variety of insurance providers in less than a minute. 

We also like puns and golden retrievers…but, hey, who doesn’t?

How it works

Every insurance company has a different way of assessing risk and assigning their rates. Based on your answers to a few questions, we match you with the top insurance companies for your profile. Learn more.



Tell us a little about yourself. No phone or email required



We estimate how much you’ll pay with the top providers in your state


Compare and save

Choose from the initial options or improve your results with a more detailed profile