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Best Car Insurance Companies for Drivers with Bad Records

Drivers who are more likely to file a claim are typically charged higher premiums for their car insurance. If your driving record has an at-fault accident, speeding tickets, or other driving violations, you’re likely considered a “high-risk” driver to insurance companies. However, it is still possible for high-risk drivers to find cheap car insurance.  

Let’s dive into everything you need to know about finding the best car insurance companies for drivers with accidents and bad driving records. 


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What is the best car insurance for “bad drivers?”

If you have a bad driving record, you may be wondering if it’s still possible to get good car insurance. The good news is that most insurance companies will provide the same coverage options to all drivers, even if your rates may be higher than someone with a clean record since drivers with a record are typically more likely to file a claim.  

The trick to finding the best car insurance for you – regardless of your driving record – is to compare rates from multiple insurance providers. Each insurance company assigns rates differently depending on a wide variety of factors, including your driving record as well as where you live, what car you drive, and what coverage you want. 

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Best car insurance companies for bad drivers

When you compare, keep an eye out for these companies. While rates vary from person to person, these are some of the best bad driver car insurance companies based on price, discounts, and customer satisfaction: USAA, State Farm and Progressive. 


USAA offers car insurance for high-risk drivers who may have difficulty obtaining coverage from other insurers due to poor credit or a history of accidents and traffic violations. USAA provides several coverage options for high-risk drivers, including liability, collision and comprehensive insurance. Drivers can also choose from a variety of deductibles and payment plans.  

USAA also offers discounts for certain types of high-risk drivers, such as those who have completed a defensive driving course. By providing affordable coverage and helpful resources, USAA makes it easy for high-risk drivers to get the coverage they need. 

State Farm

State Farm offers car insurance for drivers with tickets, DUI convictions and multiple violations on their driving records. State Farm has several coverage options available for high-risk drivers, as well as ways for drivers to lower their car insurance premiums. State Farm recommends taking a defensive driving course or getting a car with better safety features to reduce costs. 

Additionally, if State Farm drivers go three years without a ticket or an accident, they may be eligible for a good driver discount that can result in significant discounts. State Farm is ranked among the best insurance companies for drivers based on customer service satisfaction ratings, making them an excellent choice.  


Progressive is one of the best car insurance companies for a bad driving record. They provide insurance coverage for drivers requiring an SR-22 or FR-44, as well as other high-risk drivers.  

Although car insurance initially costs more for those with bad driving records, Progressive offers ways for drivers to save money through Progressive’s Snapshot® program. High-risk drivers can rack up the savings by driving safely and limiting hard brakes and accelerations, avoiding late-night driving, driving less and staying hands-free. 

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How to get cheap car insurance for drivers with accidents and tickets

The best car insurance companies for drivers with accidents offer the most affordable coverage and safe driver discounts that can lower your premium. Other ways to get cheap car insurance as a high-risk driver include looking for accident forgiveness discounts, defensive driving course discounts, ways to bundle and save and other factors like improving your credit score. 

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Some insurance companies offer defensive driving course discounts, applied once a driver completes the course. In addition to the financial benefits, taking a defensive driving course can also help you become a safer driver and reduce the risk of accidents, leading to safe driver discounts over time.

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Some insurance companies offer bundle and save discounts for insuring your car and home insurance under the same policy. This can reduce the cost of car insurance for high-risk drivers

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Some insurance companies offer accident forgiveness, which keeps your rate from increasing after an at-fault accident. Typically drivers need to have a clean driving record and maintain company loyalty for a specified period to qualify for accident forgiveness. Other companies allow drivers to add accident forgiveness coverage to their policy for a fee.

What car insurance is considered the best?

The best car insurance company depends on your driver profile and unique needs. When shopping for car insurance coverage, consider a company’s price, customer service ratings and discounts to determine the best overall option for you.  

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