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Car Insurance for Sedans

Written by Elizabeth Rivelli

Reviewed by Alyssa DiCrasto

Last updated: February 26th, 2024

The average cost of car insurance for a sedan is around $2,390 per year, which is more expensive than the cost of insurance for the average vehicle. However, the price you’ll pay to insure your sedan will depend on where you live and the specific year, make, and model of your car, among other personal factors. 

What does it cost to insure my sedan?

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Sedan car insurance cost

Sedans are a popular vehicle choice for many drivers. They tend to be reliable and more affordable than bigger vehicles, like an SUV or pickup truck. But whether you drive a Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, or something else entirely, it’s important to understand the costs of insuring a sedan. 

In this article, we’ll look at average cost of car insurance for different sedans, and reveal the cheapest and most expensive sedans to insure. We’ll also explore how the cost of sedan insurance compares to insurance premiums on other vehicles. 

Are sedans expensive to insure?

When compared to other vehicle types, sedans are about average to insure. While it depends on your specific make, year, and trim level, sedans typically cost more to insure than SUVs, trucks, and minivans, but have lower insurance costs than sports cars and electric vehicles. 

However, there are many factors that contribute to the cost of car insurance besides the type of vehicle you drive. For example, your age, driving record, location, and credit score will impact your car insurance premium in most states.  

Additionally, the make, model, year, and trim level of your sedan will determine the cost of your insurance policy. Because of this, some sedans are more expensive to insure than others. Getting insurance quotes for different sedan makes and models can help you find the most affordable one to insure, based on your personal situation. 

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Average cost of car insurance for a sedan

The average cost of car insurance for a sedan is $2,390 per year for full coverage, which is about $204 per month. However, the cost of car insurance for a sedan will vary based on the specific vehicle you have. Below, you can see the average insurance rates for the most popular 2023 sedans, based on sales data from GoodCarBadCar.

Average Annual Insurance Cost - Compact Sedans

Annual rates for a single 35-year-old male, estimated using public rate filings sourced from First Interpreter. Rates do not represent actual quotes. Accurate as of January 2024. 

Average Annual Insurance Cost - Midsize Sedans

Annual rates for a single 35-year-old male, estimated using public rate filings sourced from First Interpreter. Rates do not represent actual quotes. Accurate as of January 2024. 

How much should I expect to pay to insure my sedan?

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Your rates will vary based on where you live, your age, and other factors like your driving record

What is the cheapest sedan to insure?

If you’re looking to buy a sedan that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to insure, there are several makes and models you might look at. Based on our average rate data, the Subaru Impreza is one of the best sedans under 30K that has cheap premiums. The Impreza has an average premium that is less than $1,900 per year, which makes it one of the cheapest sedans to insure. 

Other sedans that are cheap to insure include the Ford Fusion, Honda Accord, and Volkswagen Jetta. The annual cost of car insurance on these vehicles are all below the cost for the average vehicle, $2,123. 

Sedans with cheap insurance:

Subaru Impreza

The least expensive sedan to insure, the Subaru Impreza is a compact car that combines all-wheel drive capability with practicality.

Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion is a midsize sedan celebrated that offers a variety of engines, including hybrid options.

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is a well-rounded midsize sedan known for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and comfortable interior.

Volkswagen Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta is a compact sedan popular for its European styling, solid build quality, and enjoyable driving experience.

Sedans with more expensive insurance:

Some sedans can actually get quite expensive to insure. For example, our rate data shows that the most expensive sedan to insure is a Tesla Model 3. The average annual cost of insurance for a Model 3 is $3,195, which is far more than the overall average cost of sedan insurance, which is $2,390 per year. 

Other sedans that will be more expensive to insure include sedans from luxury brands like Lexus and BMW. 

Popular sedan brands:

Popular luxury sedan brands:

BMW Insurance by Vehicle


Popular BMW Sedans:
1. BMW 3-Series

Tesla Insurance by Vehicle

Popular Tesla Sedans:
1. Tesla Model 3

What car insurance do I need for my sedan?

Most states require you to carry a minimum amount of personal liability insurance for your vehicle, whether you drive a sedan or another type of car. Liability insurance helps cover your legal and financial responsibilities when you cause an accident.

If you are leasing or financing a sedan, your lender may require that you maintain a full coverage policy with comprehensive insurance and collision insurance. Comprehensive insurance covers non-collision vehicle damage, such as fires and floods, as well as theft. Collision insurance covers repairs to your own vehicle after an accident.

Even if you own your sedan outright, having a full coverage policy is typically recommended. Without full coverage insurance, you are responsible for covering your vehicle’s repairs out-of-pocket in the event of an at-fault accident or other incident. Full coverage can be more expensive, but it provides more peace of mind and financial protection, and likely isn’t as expensive as you think it is.

How to get cheap car insurance for your sedan

Because insurance rates depend on personal factors like where you live, what car you drive, and your driving record, the cheapest sedan car insurance will be different for everyone. Common ways to save on car insurance include looking for a company that offers discounts, raising your deductible, and improving your credit score.

However, the best way to know you’re paying the cheapest price for your coverage is to compare quotes from a number of car insurance companies near you.

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Which is cheaper to insure: sedan or SUV?

If you’re shopping for a new vehicle, you might be wondering about the difference of insurance for SUVs and sedans. In general, SUVs usually have cheaper car insurance premiums than sedans.

This can be for several reasons, but ultimately, sedans can be more expensive to repair and replace after a covered loss, which leads to higher insurance rates. Sedans tend to sustain more damage in an accident than SUVs, and they may have fewer safety features or lower safety ratings than SUVs.

However, there are many other factors that go into the cost of insurance, such as your car’s safety features and age. For example, you might end up paying more to insure a luxury SUV than a 10-year-old sedan.

To figure out whether it’s cheaper to insure a sedan or an SUV, you should compare quotes for different vehicles, and get estimates from several insurance companies. To get started, you can research and compare quotes for sedans using our rate comparison tool.

Are 4 door cars cheaper to insure?

Cars with four doors are generally cheaper to insure than cars with two doors. This is because four-door cars typically require less maintenance and fewer repairs. Additionally, four-door cars are generally worth less than two-door cars, which also affects the cost of insurance. However, this really depends on which specific two-door or four-door cars you are considering.

Is insurance cheaper on a sedan or coupe?

Car insurance is usually cheaper on a sedan than a coupe, which has two doors and often just two seats. Coupes tend to be sportier than sedans and often sustain more damage in an accident. This increased risk leads insurance companies to charge more for insurance on a coupe. However, it all depends on the specific vehicle, your personal situation, and your insurance company.


Rate Retriever rates are based on public rate filings obtained by analytics company First Interpreter. This data comes from the rating plans insurance carriers submit to each state’s department of insurance. Rating plans detail how each carrier calculates premiums using factors such as location, age, gender, and driving record, and they ensure that insurance premiums are both fair and competitive. 

For the data on this page, we made the following assumptions: a 35-year-old single male with a clean driving record and Good credit score. We adjusted this profile by vehicle make, model, trim, and year to determine the rates you see on this page.

These rates are not actual quotes and should only be used for comparative purposes. Your rates can vary significantly based on your unique driver profile.