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Gabi Insurance Review

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Written by Alyssa DiCrasto
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Reviewed by Katie Dee
Published on 2024-03-18

Gabi Overview

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Aids from sponsors, quotes from partners, verified rates

Our Criteria and Methodology

For each car insurance comparison website we review, we evaluate several factors including user experience, risk of spam, the variety and relevancy of results, and more. We tested and evaluated results for 3 different driver profiles. The opinions expressed below are based on this experience as well as our team’s knowledge of the insurance comparison industry. Our editorial team follows a rigorous editorial policy and works independently from our insurance partners. Read more.

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What is Gabi?

Gabi is an insurance broker that was founded in 2016 and acquired by Experian in 2021. As a part of Experian, Gabi touts the ability to “do in minutes what it would take hours for you to do on your own,” meaning it can search a wide range of car insurance companies so you can compare quotes from a variety of providers. This is a pretty common promise among car insurance comparison sites. 

What we want to know is: can Gabi really deliver on that promise? Or will it, like so many of its car insurance comparison site counterparts, have inadequate or incomplete results that make it difficult to truly compare?  

Insurance Products:

  • Auto insurance 
  • Home insurance  
  • Bundled insurance 
  • Renters insurance 
  • Landlord insurance 
  • Umbrella insurance

How does Gabi work?

Gabi is an online insurance broker. This means that Gabi can act as your insurance agent and write a policy for you and sell it to you on behalf of its insurance company partners. 

To use Gabi’s car insurance comparison tool, you first need to answer a number of questions about yourself, your vehicle, and your current insurance policy using their quiz wizard. Based on your answers, Gabi matches you with insurance companies that can serve you.  

When we tested Gabi, we got some quiz results that were live quotes, some that were policies we could purchase directly through Gabi, and some that were sponsored matches where you leave Gabi’s site and go to the provider’s site to get your final quote.  

How Gabi makes money

As an insurance broker, Gabi makes its money through commissions. This means if you find and purchase a policy through Gabi, they receive a payout from the insurance company. Gabi may also make money through referral links, so if you visit one of the providers on their site, they may receive a commission.  

Pros & Cons of Comparing Car Insurance with Gabi

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Pros of Gabi:

  • Live quotes shown on results page 
  • Ability to compare new policy with old policy to see potential savings 
  • Sleek interface that was easy to use and modify

Cons of Gabi:

  • Required account creation 
  • Required phone number – with text confirmation code 
  • Required a lot of personal information (phone, email, name, address, etc.) 
  • Long quiz ending in lackluster results, depending on your profile

Find the Right Car Insurance for You

Our experience with Gabi

First impressions of Gabi

Looking at Gabi’s home page, I was impressed with the clean interface and clear messaging: you’ll stop overpaying for car insurance. Scroll down the home page a little further, and you’ll see a lot of customers’ smiling faces next to how much they saved with Gabi. This made me hopeful for similar results.  

Gabi offers to search 40 insurance companies on your behalf, which is less than some other car insurance comparison sites but more than one person could reasonably do on their own.  

Quiz experience

When I first started using Gabi’s tool, I was glad to see that there were only three sections to the quiz: Current Insurer, About You, and Quotes. 

Halfway through the quiz, however, the tool asked for my phone number and would not let me proceed without a text confirmation code, which is not ideal for those of us who prefer to remain anonymous. I noticed that by giving my number, I was also giving them my consent to reach out via text or call. 

Once I gave my consent, I was redirected to another quiz wizard that includes 6 more sections in addition to the three I saw before.  

I felt like this made the quiz feel long and tedious, collecting more information than some of the other comparison sites I’ve used. For example, I had to search for my occupation from a list and do the same for the additional drivers on the policy. It also asks questions like when you first got your license, which not a lot of comparison sites do. 

Gabi does offer to calculate your savings based on what you already pay, which is a nice feature and does make it easier to compare quotes. However, to use this (optional) feature, you need to know how much your last auto insurance bill was. 

The quiz also asked me what my current policy limits were, which I didn’t know without pulling up my current policy and comparing. Gabi does offer an “I don’t know” option for this, but I was worried that would impact the accuracy of my quotes.  

One thing I really appreciated is that Gabi allows you to customize the level of coverage you receive quotes for. If I didn’t know what limits I wanted, they offered a default option.   

Overall, I thought Gabi’s quiz experience was very well-rounded – if not a bit tedious at times. It made me feel confident that my quotes would be accurate and that I would have several good quotes to compare and choose from. 

While I waited for my results, the loading bar scrolled through a few well-known insurance companies like Progressive, Liberty Mutual, Allstate, Travelers, and Safeco, so I was expecting to see quotes from these companies. 

Gabi Results

Imagine my surprise when I only received 3 insurance companies in my results list the first time I took this quiz: two quotes and one provider listed without a live quote:  

Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 9.29.39 AM

I was surprised and disappointed to not see more quotes, especially because the first profile I tested was a good candidate that many insurance companies should want to service. 

Some things I did like about Gabi’s results page: 

  1. You could toggle between “Pay monthly” and “Pay in full” to see how much your policy would cost based on how you preferred to pay your insurance bill 
  2. The ability to edit your quote 
  3. The ability to add home insurance right from the results page
  4. The star ratings under each of the providers gave me a good idea of which is a preferred company 

Overall, however, for the amount of time I put into the quiz portion of the tool and the number of companies Gabi claimed to search, I expected more and better results. For the first profile I tested, I got three results (two of which had quotes), but for the second and third profile I tested, I only received one quote. 

Gabi result

The quotes themselves seemed high, but they could be accurate in today’s insurance landscape. I admittedly didn’t continue on with the quote process past Gabi’s initial results page, except to see where the buttons on the results page redirected to. 

Lasting Impressions

As far as car insurance comparison sites go, Gabi seems professional and trustworthy. I liked that I could enter my current policy information to see my estimated savings, and that they included live quotes on their results page. 

However, I didn’t like that Gabi required me to use my phone with a text confirmation halfway through their quiz, and I was also expecting more quotes after I gave them so much personal information. It took me about 10 minutes to add all my information, drivers and vehicles on the policy, and look up my current policy, so I wanted more quotes to compare for all that effort.   

Essentially, I feel as though if I wanted to see one quote, I would go to that company’s website for the quote instead of going through Gabi. The fact that two of the profiles I tested only received one quote – without any other results – was unexpected and frustrating. 

As someone who is more familiar with the insurance industry than the average consumer, I do have a guess as to why some profiles only receive one quote: right now, insurance companies have smaller budgets for the commissions they pay to insurance comparison sites like Gabi. Therefore, they may be showing all the quotes they can while still trying to make money. To be fair to Gabi, they might have more robust results once the insurance industry starts to rebound. 

Is Gabi worth it?

It depends on your preference. If you are looking for an insurance comparison site that can return live quotes and write you a policy, Gabi may be worth looking into. If you have more than one driver or vehicle on your policy, you may be more likely to get results, but it will also depend on where you live, your age, and more. 

How Gabi stacks up against other comparison sites

Gabi vs Jerry

  • 2-4 paragraphs
Option to sell you a policy Offers non-biased results
Gabi Yes No
Jerry x x

Gabi vs Rate Retriever

Gabi Insurance and Rate Retriever promise their users similar outcomes: saving money on car insurance through the power of comparison.   

The main difference between Gabi and Rate Retriever is that Gabi is an insurance broker, so it can actually sell you your insurance policy. Rate Retriever does not sell insurance policies, instead it connects you to the insurance company you choose and you must complete your purchase through them.  

Another big difference between Gabi and Rate Retriever is that with Rate Retriever, the average user will be matched with more insurance companies. Gabi’s results are exclusively paid sponsors and are extremely limited for some driver profiles. Rate Retriever does not limit its results to paid sponsors and will give you rates for as many companies as it can using its verified third-party data. 

Some smaller differences include quiz length – Rate Retriever offers a short form option, and its detailed form has fewer questions – and required personal information – as mentioned, Gabi requires your phone number to complete the quiz. 

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Option to sell you a policy Offers non-biased results
Gabi Yes No
Rate Retriever No Yes

Customer reviews of Gabi

Gabi has 4.7 stars on Google, which is good. Negative customer reviews cite poor customer service, high quotes, or no quotes on the results page. Most positive reviews are 1-3 years old, but say that the reason they liked using Gabi was that it helped them save money. 

Who should use Gabi?

Gabi is a great option for people who want live quotes and want to work with a site that can sell them a policy. We recommend having your current policy information on hand so that you can use the “see savings” feature. 

Who shouldn't use Gabi?

Gabi is probably not for people who do not want to disclose their phone number to a comparison site, those who do not have their current policy information handy, or (based on our testing) those who are younger or only have one person on their policy. 

Gabi company details

Gabi Insurance is owned by Experian and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. It looks like Gabi has customer service team members available and options to contact them by phone or email. 

One important thing to note: Gabi is owned by Experian, so when you sign up to use the tool, you are also signing up with Experian and giving them permission to reach out to you as well. 

Gabi email

Gabi Insurance FAQs

Who owns Gabi?

Gabi is owned by Experian, which is a well-established name in financial services. They acquired Gabi in 2021. Gabi was established in 2016.

Is Gabi reliable?

Gabi’s rates come from a system called Rate Call 1. Because they are an insurance broker, they can provide quotes for companies that they can write policies for. However, this does not mean that every driver profile will get results for every insurance company Gabi partners with.

Is Gabi safe?

Yes, Gabi is reasonably safe to use. After testing our profiles, we did not receive a large number of spam calls, and all the calls we received seemed to be from Gabi/Experian themselves. Gabi does, however, share your contact information with their parent company, Experian.

Is Gabi legit?

Gabi is legit in the sense that it is not a spammy insurance comparison site and it will give live quotes to certain driver profiles. However, you may not receive a quote depending on your unique driver profile and factors. 

Is Gabi a good insurance company?​

Gabi is not an insurance company. Actually, it is an insurance broker, which means it is licensed to sell you an insurance policy on behalf of some of its partners; however, they will not act as your insurance company. 

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For each car insurance comparison website we review, we evaluate several factors including: 

  • Risk of spam – based on contact and personal information required and the number of calls, texts, and/or emails we received after testing 
  • Quality of results – including the variety and relevancy of results, how many end-providers are listed, and if rates/quotes are included in the results 
  • Overall user experience – including the quiz length, unique features, ease of completing a policy purchase, and customer reviews   

We tested and evaluated results for 3 different driver profiles: 

  • A married 50-year-old male and female in 02125 (MA) with a Good credit score driving a 2023 RAV4 LE and a 2020 RAV4 LE 
  • A single 35-year-old male in 14215 (NY) with a Good credit score driving a 2023 RAV4 LE 
  • A single 20-year-old male in 76116 (TX) with a Good credit score driving a 2023 RAV4 LE  

The opinions expressed in our review are based on this experience. Our team also has previous knowledge of the insurance comparison industry that may influence how we review top insurance comparison sites.