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Published on 2024-04-11 Overview

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Aids from sponsors, quotes from partners, verified rates

Our Criteria and Methodology

For each car insurance comparison website we review, we evaluate several factors including user experience, risk of spam, the variety and relevancy of results, and more. We tested and evaluated results for 3 different driver profiles. The opinions expressed below are based on this experience as well as our team’s knowledge of the insurance comparison industry. Our editorial team follows a rigorous editorial policy and works independently from our insurance partners. Read more.

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What is is an example of an insurance marketplace. This means that the tool matches you with insurance providers based on the information you enter during their insurance quiz. However, as stated at the bottom of the homepage, “Compensation may impact where the sponsors appear on this website (including the order in which they appear).” So, keep this in mind if you choose to use this tool. 

At the top of the homepage, the site offers you the ability to “compare companies to get the best quotes.” It goes on to emphasize that the tool was designed to “make your insurance shopping experience easy.” 

Insurance Products:

  • Auto insurance 
  • Life insurance 
  • Health insurance 
  • Home insurance

How does work? works by having you answer a number of questions such as your age, the kind of car you drive, whether or not you’re a homeowner, and more. After gathering this information, the tool matches you with insurance companies that fit your profile. However, your personal details are not the only factors considered. allows its paid partnerships to influence the number of insurance companies it returns as well as the order in which they are displayed. Because of this, the results you see may not be the most comprehensive. The tool claims it partners with more than 85 insurance companies and utilizes over 15 insurance tools to generate your results. 

How makes money makes money through commissions and advertisers on the site. If you go through the quiz and click to visit one of their partner websites, gets paid. Furthermore, they work with advertisers such as other comparison sites and insurance companies. 

We suspect this tool may also make some money by selling user data as “leads” to third parties. As a result, you may be hit with a lot of spam phone calls, text messages, and emails.

Pros & Cons of Comparing Car Insurance with

Pros of

  • The initial quiz does not require contact info 
  • They allow you to purchase a policy through the site  
  • Provides a good number of results at the end of the quiz

Cons of

  • Unlikely that you will be matched with an actual insurance company 
  • Very high risk of spam 
  • No quotes or rate estimates shown on the results page

Find the Right Car Insurance for You

Our experience with

First impressions

The first thing I noticed when I got to the homepage of’s site was the header which stated, “Compare insurance companies to get the best quotes.” This made the purpose of the site very clear and made me feel confident that they would search several different insurance companies to help me find the option that best fit my needs.  

Directly under that was a list of all the insurance products they offer along with a prompt to “select your insurance type and get free quotes.” Since this was the second time they mentioned providing quotes, I was expecting the process to be fairly straightforward: input my information and get access to a few quotes or rate estimates immediately afterwards. 

Something else I immediately took note of is that there is no spam free promise at the top of the page. This made me feel a little uneasy because, in my experience, if it is not clearly emphasized fairly close to the top of the homepage, preventing spam is probably not a priority. 

Moving further down the page, the next section stated the benefits of using to shop for auto, home, life, and health insurance. The site offered me two key benefits in this section: “saving hundreds of dollars by shopping around for insurance,” and education on how “best to protect your family and your assets by choosing the best insurance policy for you.” 

To the right of this text was a graphic featuring a few popular insurance companies such as Geico and State Farm with a dollar amount of savings next to them. This made me feel even more sure that I would be shown actual quotes or rate estimates at the end of the quiz. also displays its content dedicated to finding the best insurance companies of the year on the home page. This section features links to specific pages for the best home, life, auto, and health insurance companies of 2024. This clearly showed that the company put in the time and effort needed to conduct unbiased research and find the top-rated insurance companies from the past year. 

Towards the bottom of the page, there is a section about why consumers should trust This section touts features such as the over 25 years of experience the site has, their ability to guide consumers through the insurance shopping process, and how their educational pages help users to make the best insurance choices. However, nowhere in this section was anything about protecting user privacy or why I should trust with my personal information, which made me feel a bit wary. 

Lastly, at the very bottom of the page written in fine print, there is a disclaimer that explains that the insurance companies displayed at the end of the quiz are not comprehensive or unbiased. The site states that “compensation may impact where the sponsors appear on this website (including the order in which they appear).” 

Quiz experience

One of the most notable things about’s quiz experience is that they have two iterations available: a short version that only asks a few questions like how old you are, if you own your home, if there are multiple drivers in your household, and more. My favorite thing about this version of the quiz is that it did not require any contact information before showing me my results. 

The longer version of the quiz asked for more in-depth personal information to nail down more accurate results. Most of these questions were about the details of my car like the make, model, and year, as well as my own driving record and how many incidents I’ve had in the past few years.  

Something I liked about both versions of’s quiz was that they displayed a progress bar so that I always knew how close I was to accessing my quotes. This was super helpful as these quizzes can sometimes feel like a perpetual list of questions, and being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel was nice.

However, what I didn’t like was that the longer quiz asked for both my email and phone number before displaying my results. This made me feel slightly uneasy, especially because of the lack of a spam free promise. 

My fear of being spammed was only amplified when I got to the last page before seeing my results and read the fine print. In short, it explained that by clicking “get my quote” and seeing my results I am consenting to distributing my contact information so that marketers and partners can contact me. 

In order to get a well-rounded idea of’s experience, I tested both versions of the quiz on three different driver profiles: a 50-year-old man from Boston, a 35-year-old man from Buffalo, and a 20-year-old man from Texas.'s results

For the 50-year-old man, the short version of the quiz only returned one result: Experian (which is not a real insurance company, but rather another insurance comparison site). Furthermore, there was no quote or rate estimate provided, and I would have had to go to Experian’s site to fill out more information in order to access them. This was a bit disappointing because of all the statements featured about providing quotes to make comparison shopping easy. 

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 1.47.36 PM

After the longer quiz, I was still not matched with any actual insurance companies. My final results were Experian, Nerd Wallet, and Insured Nation. These are all other comparison sites that would require me to complete their own quiz and confirm my information before showing me any real insurance carriers. There was also the option to “see more carriers,” but when I clicked on it, it only displayed more comparison sites.  

Lastly, the results for the longer quiz also did not include any quotes or rate estimates. 

For the next profile I tested, the 35-year-old man, I was offered 4 results after finishing the short version of the quiz. However, just like the first test I ran, all of these matches were other comparison sites and none of them provided any quotes or rate estimates. 

Since I was at least returned more results after the short quiz for this profile, I was hopeful that the results after the longer quiz would follow the same pattern. Unfortunately, my matches for the longer quiz looked almost identical to what I got after the short quiz: more comparison sites without any actual insurance companies. Also, no quotes or rate estimates were displayed on the results page for this version of the quiz either.  

Finally, the third profile I tested, the 20-year-old man, did have some improvement to the results. After the short quiz I was matched with Progressive and Root, which are the first actual insurance companies I have seen on Despite the fact that there still were not any quotes immediately available to me, I was hopeful going into the longer quiz. 

However, after completing the full quiz, I was met with the same results: no quotes or rates, and the same two insurance companies. While it was nice to see some real insurance providers on the results page, they still required me to leave’s site, visit the providers website, and reenter all my information to get my quote. 

Lasting Impressions

Unfortunately, after exploring the site and going through both versions of the quiz multiple times, my impressions of are that it is not one of the better comparison sites out there. Overall, I think the risk of spam is too high for how unsatisfactory the results were. 

While I did appreciate that the initial, short quiz did not collect my contact info, after going through both iterations, I was overhelmed with calls from and other organizations that they partner with. This started happening after just testing one of the profiles, so it is safe to assume you will experience much of the same. 

Is worth it?

This depends heavily on what you are looking to get out of an insurance comparison tool. Personally, I’m looking for something fast, easy, and spam-free and with that in mind, I don’t think is worth it. The main factors at play here are the lack of actual insurance companies on the results page, the lack of quotes or rate estimates even when insurance companies were returned, and the fact that the site sells your contact information, which led to a lot of spam. 

However, just because it didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean the same will be true for you. If you are at the beginning stages of your journey and looking to try out a few different comparison options, you may have a better experience than I did.

How stacks up against other comparison sites vs The Zebra

There are several differences between and The Zebra. One of these is that while offers both a short and long version of their quiz, The Zebra only offers one version that takes about 5 minutes to complete.  

Next, while only requires contact information on the longer version of their quiz, there is no option to withhold your contact info with The Zebra. However, The Zebra only requires your email while requires both your email and phone number if you want to participate in the longer quiz and get personalized results. This makes a higher risk for spam than The Zebra. 

There are also a few similarities between these two tools. The first is that they are both insurance marketplaces. This means that they both allow you to purchase a policy through them directly. They also both offer you the option to call and discuss policy concerns with a live agent so you never feel alone in your insurance shopping journey.

High risk for spam Option to purchase policy Yes Yes
The Zebra No Yes vs Rate Retriever

In the spirit of full transparency, I am not going to pretend like I don’t have a certain amount of bias here. The Rate Retriever team and I have put in a lot of work to ensure our comparison tool is the best on the market. For the sake of this review I am looking past that, and giving you only the facts. 

There are a lot of differences between Rate Retriever and, but let’s begin with the similarities. For one thing, both sites provide you with two iterations of the comparison quiz. They both start off with a short quiz that collects less information and then offer the option to add more details to get a more customized rate. 

One difference here is that in the longer quiz, we still do not ask for contact information while does. Another difference is that Rate Retriever’s results always feature real insurance companies and rates right on the page while makes you work a bit harder to access those things. 

Next, since they are an insurance marketplace, allows you purchase a policy directly through their site. Rate Retriever does not offer this, and you will always need to visit the provider’s site directly to complete your purchase. Rate Retriever does, however, offer the option to call our agency partners to talk to an expert and purchase a policy.  

Lastly, Rate Retriever does not sell your data to third-parties, while does. This means that presents an above average risk for spam while Rate Retriever does not bring the same risk.

High risk for spam Option to speak with live agent Yes No
Rate Retriever No Yes

Customer reviews of

Unfortunately, I was unable to find any verified customer reviews for However, I was able to find a few for its parent company, QuinStreet. On the Better Business Bureau’s website, QuinStreet has 2.18/5 stars from just over 100 customer reviews. 

Many of their positive reviews highlight things including: a positive customer service experience and accurate price estimates. The majority of the negative reviews came down to the same issue: incredibly high levels of spam.

Who should use

In my opinion, is only right for people who are in the very beiginnings of their insurance shopping journey and want to try out a few different comparison tools. Since the majority of the quiz results were other comparion sites, makes it easy for you to find other insurance comparison tools to try out.

Who shouldn't use

Anyone looking to seriously shop for insurance and find a rate quickly should probably not use While the quiz itself did not take long, getting to the results page is far from the last step in the process with this site. You will likely be redirected once or twice in order to fill out a separate quiz and see your rates. company details

If you would like to learn more about, you can reach their customer service number at (844) 872-7854 or go on their site and submit a help request on their contact us page. FAQs

Is a good insurance company? is not an insurance company. It is an insurance marketplace that matches you with insurance companies based on your driver profile as well as their paid sponsorships.

Is legit? is legit in that they are a reputable company that will try to help you compare insurance rates from providers in your area.

Is safe? is safe in that they promise your information is safe and secure. However, they do sell your data and contact information to third-party sites.

Is reliable? is probably not the most reliable source for insurance comparison. This is mainly because they sell your data to third parties and oftentimes limit the companies you are matched with to prioritize their paid partnerships.

Who owns is owned by QuinStreet, Inc. QuinStreet is a provider of performance marketplace technologies and they acquired back in September of 2009.


For each car insurance comparison website we review, we evaluate several factors including: 

  • Risk of spam – based on contact and personal information required and the number of calls, texts, and/or emails we received after testing 
  • Quality of results – including the variety and relevancy of results, how many end-providers are listed, and if rates/quotes are included in the results 
  • Overall user experience – including the quiz length, unique features, ease of completing a policy purchase, and customer reviews   

We tested and evaluated results for 3 different driver profiles: 

  • A married 50-year-old male and female in 02125 (MA) with a Good credit score driving a 2023 RAV4 LE and a 2020 RAV4 LE 
  • A single 35-year-old male in 14215 (NY) with a Good credit score driving a 2023 RAV4 LE 
  • A single 20-year-old male in 76116 (TX) with a Good credit score driving a 2023 RAV4 LE  

The opinions expressed in our review are based on this experience. Our team also has previous knowledge of the insurance comparison industry that may influence how we review top insurance comparison sites.