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Insurify Review

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Written by Katie Dee
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Published on 2024-03-19

Insurify Overview

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Aids from sponsors, quotes from partners, verified rates

Our Criteria and Methodology

For each car insurance comparison website we review, we evaluate several factors including user experience, risk of spam, the variety and relevancy of results, and more. We tested and evaluated results for 3 different driver profiles. The opinions expressed below are based on this experience as well as our team’s knowledge of the insurance comparison industry. Our editorial team follows a rigorous editorial policy and works independently from our insurance partners. Read more.

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What is Insurify?

Insurify is an insurance marketplace that was founded back in 2013 by Snejina Zacharia. On the site’s “About Us” page, they state that they “simplify the process of buying car, home, pet, health, and life insurance.” Over the last decade, Insurify claims to have saved users an average of $717 per year on their car insurance. The site also features a promise to “never charge you to show you quotes or sell your personal information.” 

As an insurance marketplace, Insurify’s tool offers you the ability to purchase your policy without ever leaving the site, no matter what state you live in. When you complete a short quiz, Insurify matches you with the insurance companies that fit your needs. Something to keep in mind with comparison tools like Insurify is that they may allow paid sponsors to impact the order or the number of insurance companies returned to you at the end of their quiz. 

Insurance Products:

  • Auto insurance 
  • Home insurance 
  • Bundled insurance

How does Insurify work?

As an insurance marketplace, Insurify claims to partner with more than 70 insurance carriers in order to show you a wide range of quotes and help you find the cheapest rate available. According to the site, they use AI technology and real-time API integrations to “serve up accurate, real-time quotes.”  

After answering a few questions such as your age, zip code, and gender, Insurify will match you with one or more of their insurance company partners. Then, you can either purchase your policy directly through the site or by calling their agents and completing your purchase over the phone.  

Keep in mind that the companies Insurify matches you with may be biased or limited to only the insurance providers they have partnerships with, meaning that these results might not be comprehensive.  

How Insurify makes money

Insurify makes money both through commissions earned when you purchase a policy through their site and through advertising. If you buy an insurance policy through Insurify or one of the insurance companies they partner with, that company pays Insurify a commission. Insurify may also earn a commission if you click through to an insurance provider’s website.  

Insurify also stresses the fact that they do not make money by selling your data (like your phone number or email address) to third parties.  

Pros & Cons of Comparing Car Insurance with Insurify

Pros of Insurify:

  • Insurify allows you to purchase a policy directly through their site 
  • They do not sell your contact information to third parties  
  • When available, Insurify can provide you with quotes

Cons of Insurify:

  • Results may be biased or limited to paid partnerships  
  • Though Insurify states that your data will not be sold to third-parties, the site does require your email, phone number, and full address 
  • The availability of quotes depends on your location and their current partnerships, so quotes are not available for every driver

Find the Right Car Insurance for You

Our experience with Insurify

First impressions of Insurify

The first thing I noticed after landing on Insurify’s home page was the clear messaging around the value they offer to consumers. Compare real-time quotes. Score same-day savings” is the main heading on the homepage, and this did the job of making me believe they were a reliable source with one goal: saving me money.

Insurify home page

Additionally, directly under where I entered my zip code, Insurify displayed their 4.7-star rating from Trustpilot which only made me trust them more. 

Insurify reviews

Moving further down the page Insurify includes: a list of companies they partner with, the different purchasing options they offer (do it yourself, live agent assistance, and full service), and statistics on how much they have saved their over 100 million customers ($44 million overall).  

Most importantly, (for me, anyway) was that they also emphasized their promise to not spam users. The site states “We hate spam, too. You’ll never get it from us, and we’ll always protect your information.” 

Quiz experience

As I began the car insurance quiz, the first notable difference I spotted between Insurify and other comparison sites on the market is that the tool asked if I had a warranty on my vehicle. I had never been asked this question before during a comparison site quiz, so it made me feel like Insurify was really trying to check all their boxes and ensure that they found me the cheapest rate. 

Furthermore, the quiz asked if I required an SR-22 form (a special certificate for a suspended license) which is another question I had not seen on other insurance comparison sites. Their more detailed form helped to set them apart further and only increased my trust in their desire to save me money. 

Insurify SR22 quiz

Something else I appreciated about Insurify’s quiz was that under a lot of the questions, they had explanatory text that expanded slightly on the question. This was not included with every question, but I still thought it was a nice touch for questions that the average user might need help answering. 

Moving through the quiz, my trust wavered a little as it was revealed that they require my phone number, email address, and full address before showing me any insurance companies or quotes. For me, this made Insurify’s spam-free promise feel a little less genuine. If there is no spam, and I can complete the shopping process online, why would they need all this contact information? 

With the additional questions Insurify asked, all their promises around saving users money, and their high Trustpilot rating, I had high hopes for the insurance companies and quotes that would be returned to me at the end of it all. 

Insurify Results

Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the results of the quiz. I tested three different driver profiles in several different zip codes, but all of them only returned one insurance company as a match. Additionally, only one of those profiles actually received a quote. For the profile that had an actual quote returned, the company was Liberty Mutual and (sadly) the price seemed on the higher end ($593 per month). For the other profiles I tested, the companies returned were AAA and Progressive, both with no quote available. 

Insurify results 3
Insurify results 2

For the profile that returned Progressive, I was redirected to the provider’s website and then asked to verify all of my information again (sometimes having to reenter information altogether) before I was shown my rates 

Insurify results

This felt to me like a bit of a clunky process as I had already gone through these questions once and having to go through and confirm everything again felt time-consuming and unnecessary. 

One thing that I appreciated about Insurify’s results page was the ability to alter my desired coverage limits and get an updated quote to see how my options would change based on the amount of coverage I was looking for.  

Insurify coverage screenshot

Sadly, even after adjusting the specifics of my coverage preferences a few times, my results did not change. No adjustment resulted in any additional quotes, rate estimates, or insurance companies being provided to me.  

Lastly, it is worth noting that Insurify offers the option to call and chat with a live agent to help you complete the insurance shopping process. This is an additional option displayed on the results page under the insurance company results, however, not every results page displayed this option.  

Lasting Impressions

I have to admit, I had pretty high expectations when I began this review. Between the reputation of the site, the messaging on the homepage, and the Trustpilot reviews I thought that Insurify would be one of my favorite insurance comparison tools out there. Unfortunately, while it is not the worst option for comparison shopping, Insurify did not check all the boxes for what I look for in an insurance comparison tool.  

First off, I had expected to be matched with multiple insurance companies rather than just one, and while every profile I tested offered me a result that was an actual insurance company, only one of them provided me with a quote. 

Additionally, the contact information required left me feeling uneasy and incredibly wary of the possibility of being hit with countless spam phone calls, texts, and emails.  

Insurfiy screenshot

Now for the things I appreciated about Insurify:  

  • They have live agents available to help you purchase your policy, so you don’t feel alone in your insurance shopping journey 
  • They provide you with real insurance companies instead of redirecting you to additional third-party sites 
  • They promise not to sell your data

Is Insurify worth it?

While Insurify is not the best option for insurance comparison shopping (in my opinion), it might still be worth it depending on what you’re looking for. However, considering the length of their quiz, all the contact information they requested, and the limited number of insurance companies and quotes I was returned, there are probably better options out there for you.

Of course, every insurance shopper is different so if you are someone looking to work with a reliable agent, Insurify can help you do that. Additionally, while results were limited, all of them were insurance companies, which is more than can be said for some other, spammier comparison sites. 

How Insurify stacks up against other comparison sites

Insurify vs. The Zebra

The Zebra is another insurance comparison tool that also classifies itself as an insurance marketplace. In our review of The Zebra, we rated them a 4/5 for the quality of their results, partially because they provided more results on average (1-3 returned for every profile we tested). However, with The Zebra, not all the results were end-provider insurance companies; some were redirects to other comparison sites.  

Additionally, while Insurify requires both your phone number and email address, The Zebra only asks for an email, making them a lower risk for spam.   

There are many ways that these two comparison sites are similar. First off, they are both insurance marketplaces. This means both offer you the ability to purchase a policy through their site directly. Unfortunately, it also means that they both may limit your results to paid partnerships, so your list of insurance companies may not be comprehensive.  

Of these two marketplaces, I preferred The Zebra over Insurify.   

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More results on average Low spam risk
Insurify No No
The Zebra Yes Yes

Insurify vs Rate Retriever

Going into this section, I want to address my own bias first and foremost. Since the Rate Retriever team and I have worked tirelessly to make our tool the best on the market, we are predisposed to think we’re superior. However, for the purposes of this comparison, I am tabling that so I can provide you with only the facts. 

There are a few important differences to note between Insurify and Rate Retriever. The first of these is that Insurify allows you to purchase a policy directly either online or by calling one of their agents. Conversely, Rate Retriever works as more of an insurance guide, offering you rate estimates from numerous providers in your area so you can complete your purchase through your chosen carrier. 

Additionally, while Insurify may limit the insurance companies they match you with to favor paid partnerships, Rate Retriever offers a comprehensive list of carriers that best fit your driver profile.  

We also do not require any user contact information during our initial quiz while Insurify does require both an email address and phone number before showing you your results.  

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Option to sell you a policy Offers non-biased results
Insurify Yes No
Rate Retriever No Yes

Customer reviews of Insurify

Insurify has a 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot based on more than 450 reviews. The majority of the 5-star consumer reviews mention things like working with incredibly helpful agents, completing the process quickly, and saving money with low rates. Most of these reviews are from the last month, so you can feel confident in their accuracy. 

On the other end of the spectrum, negative reviews highlighted issues such as receiving no quotes at the end of the quiz, being given a low quote early on just to be given a higher one in the end, and having to jump through hoops to cancel their policy.  

Based on these reviews, I concluded that the best way to use Insurify is to work directly with one of their agents rather than try to complete the process online by yourself. 

Who should use Insurify?

After familiarizing myself with Insurify’s tool I think that it is best suited for consumers looking to work with an agent rather than those who want to independently purchase a policy online. Since the majority of the profiles we tested did not provide us with quotes or rate estimates instantly, completing the process online proved to be more trouble than it was worth.   

If you are looking to work with a reliable and helpful agent, Insurify might be the right choice for you.  

Who shouldn't use Insurify?

Based on my experience, I don’t think that Insurify is for drivers who want to see quotes from multiple providers in their area. Unfortunately, the results from the online quiz were very limited and oftentimes did not provide me with real quotes or rate estimates. This may change in the future if Insurify gets more partners or is able to write more policies in a larger range of zip codes, but for now the online shopping experience falls short. 

Insurify company details

While I was unable to find a customer service number for Insurify, you can contact them via email at [email protected] if you have any additional questions. If you would like to speak with an agent, you can call (866) 448-2362 Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-6:00 PM ET. 

Insurify FAQs

Is Insurify a good insurance company? 

Insurify is not an insurance company. Rather, it is an insurance comparison tool that matches you with insurance companies based on your unique driver profile and their paid partnerships at the time. 

Is Insurify legit?

Insurify is legit in that they are a reputable company that will try to help you compare insurance rates from providers in your area. They also promise not to sell your personal information to third-party sites.

Is Insurify safe?

Insurify is safe to use as they promise not to mishandle your personal data. They are a trustworthy source for comparing car insurance rates.

Is Insurify reliable?

Based on the over 450 user reviews on Trustpilot that earned the site a 4.7-star rating, Insurify is a reliable source for comparing insurance rates.

Who owns Insurify?

Insurify was founded by Snejina Zacharia in 2013. She is still currently the CEO of the company.

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For each car insurance comparison website we review, we evaluate several factors including: 

  • Risk of spam – based on contact and personal information required and the number of calls, texts, and/or emails we received after testing 
  • Quality of results – including the variety and relevancy of results, how many end-providers are listed, and if rates/quotes are included in the results 
  • Overall user experience – including the quiz length, unique features, ease of completing a policy purchase, and customer reviews   

We tested and evaluated results for 3 different driver profiles: 

  • A married 50-year-old male and female in 02125 (MA) with a Good credit score driving a 2023 RAV4 LE and a 2020 RAV4 LE 
  • A single 35-year-old male in 14215 (NY) with a Good credit score driving a 2023 RAV4 LE 
  • A single 20-year-old male in 76116 (TX) with a Good credit score driving a 2023 RAV4 LE  

The opinions expressed in our review are based on this experience. Our team also has previous knowledge of the insurance comparison industry that may influence how we review top insurance comparison sites.