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Rate Retriever Insurance Review

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Written by Katie Dee
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Reviewed by Alyssa DiCrasto
Published on 2024-05-07

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Our Criteria and Methodology

For each car insurance comparison website we review, we evaluate several factors including user experience, risk of spam, the variety and relevancy of results, and more. We tested and evaluated results for 3 different driver profiles. The opinions expressed below are based on this experience as well as our team’s knowledge of the insurance comparison industry. Our editorial team follows a rigorous editorial policy and works independently from our insurance partners. Read more.

Table of Contents

What is Rate Retriever?

Rate Retriever basically acts as an insurance guide. As a true insurance comparison tool, our goal is to help you find the best insurance coverage for the right price, and we feel strongly that the best way to do that is to give you personalized rates at as many insurance companies as we can – without collecting any of your contact information. As stated on our homepage, we designed Rate Retriever to empower you to make confident insurance decisions and make sure that you never feel alone in your insurance shopping journey. 

It’s our goal to always provide a comprehensive list of real insurance providers at the end of our comparison quiz, and we provide rates for as many of these providers as we can. This means that you will always be provided with a comprehensive list of real insurance providers at the end of our comparison quiz. 

Insurance Products:

How does Rate Retriever work?

One challenge when it comes to comparing car insurance companies is that insurance rates are highly personalized, meaning the cheapest company for you will not necessarily be the cheapest company for your friend. To solve this problem, our tool takes you through a comparison quiz where you will answer questions about factors that have the biggest impact on insurance rates such as how old you are, what state you live in, what car you drive, and more. Furthermore, we offer two different iterations of this quiz. The initial short quiz takes about 30 seconds to complete before showing you your initial rate estimates while the longer one takes 3-5 minutes (depending on how many drivers and cars are included in your policy). 

After you finish the quiz, we take the information you provided along with third-party rating data provided by analytics company First Interpreter and show you rate estimates for the top car insurance companies in your area. Keep in mind, these are just estimates to give you an idea of what your rate might look like at certain insurance companies. Your final quote may look different depending on the company you choose and their rating guidelines. 

After selecting the company that works best for you, Rate Retriever connects you with the provider so that you can confirm your information and complete your purchase.

How Rate Retriever makes money

Rate Retriever may earn a commission when you click, call, or purchase a policy from one of our partners on your results page. It’s important to note that we do not let this impact the order of insurance companies you are provided with after the quiz. Our list of providers is comprehensive every time, guaranteed. Commissions will also never impact the amount you pay for your policy. 

Furthermore, we don’t require any of your contact information, so you don’t need to worry about us profiting from the sale of your data.  

Pros & Cons of Comparing Car Insurance with Rate Retriever

Pros of Rate Retriever:

  • No contact information is required  
  • 10+ companies shown for every profile I tested 
  • Rate estimates were available on the results page for the majority of the results  
  • Only real insurance companies shown on the results page

Cons of Rate Retriever:

  • We don’t sell insurance, so you cannot purchase a policy directly through Rate Retriever  
  • The rates you see on the results page are only estimates, not exact quotes 

Find the Right Car Insurance for You

Our experience with Rate Retriever

First impressions

I’m aware of the fact that I have a certain level of bias here. As a member of the Rate Retriever team, I have seen the work that went into designing our tool to be the best on the market. However, I am going to do my best to put that aside and only give you the facts so that you can have a real idea of what the user experience on Rate Retriever looks like.  

In addition to my test of Rate Retriever, I have gone through several other comparison sites such as The Zebra and Insurify using the same three profiles and zip codes. Going through the experience on other tools offered me a point of comparison for our own quiz and helped to offer context to this review.  

When I first landed on the homepage, I was met with a scrolling header. The different headings were: “Fetch the best rates for the right insurance coverage,” “Compare dozens of car insurance companies in seconds,” and “Start saving with the #GoodBoyofInsurance.” Now, if you’re new to Rate Retriever’s experience it’s important to note that these headings work in tandem with our mascot, Finley the golden retriever (my aforementioned bias notwithstanding, Finley is in fact a very good boy). 

I felt like these headings in combination with Finley helped to humanize the site while still showing that the ultimate goal here is to save me money. All three of these headings have a subheading stating, “Find savings in 30 seconds, no signup required,” which only reinforced my original feelings: this tool wants to help me save money. 

rate retriever homepage

Moving further down the page, there is a section explaining that Rate Retriever searches 214 insurance providers in order to find the best rates in my area. Seeing how many providers are included in Rate Retriever’s search made me trust the tool even more because I assume that the more companies they search, the more rates I will be able to compare.  

There was also a photo included in this section that showed different insurance companies along with rates at each one. This increased my confidence that I would be shown actual insurance companies with real rates at the end of the quiz rather than only being matches with other comparison sites (an issue I have run into with some other insurance comparison tools). 

Rate Retriever results

There is also a section on the homepage showcasing user reviews, all of which were positive. These reviews highlighted the ease of use of the tool, the amount of money Rate Retriever helped the users save, how quickly they were able to access rates, and more. 

Near the bottom of the homepage there is also a portion with links to different articles and research that the Rate Retriever team has conducted. For me, having content like this showed that the team at Rate Retriever actually cares about what they are doing. They have put in the work and conducted the research necessary to provide me with all the insurance information I need. 

Quiz experience

One of my favorite things about the Rate Retriever quiz experience is that there is both a short and a long version. To get a full picture of the Rate Retriever experience, I went through both iterations of the quiz with three different profiles, testing a new zip code each time. 

The short version of the quiz took about 30 seconds to complete (probably less if I’m being honest) and asked for the following information: my zip code, age, credit score, current provider, and if I own my own home. After answering these questions, I was given the option to either go straight to my results or to personalize the profile further and continue onto the longer quiz. 

Moving onto the longer quiz, I was asked a few more in-depth questions, such as my name (which wasn’t required), the gender specified on my license, and my highest level of education. The longer quiz also asked me to select if I was a homeowner, married, a student, a member of the military, and more. I know that these are all questions pertaining to possible discounts I could qualify for, so it was nice to see them asked and it really reinforced the idea that Rate Retriever was striving to find me the lowest rates possible.  

The longer quiz also asked me questions about my vehicles and let me choose what coverage level I wanted rates for. 

longer quiz

Something else I appreciated about the quiz was that I was never asked for any contact information. Having been around the block a few times with insurance comparison tools, I know that it is not uncommon for these sites to collect (and sometimes sell) their users’ phone numbers and email addresses, which oftentimes leads to high levels of unwanted spam. Rate Retriever did not require any contact information in order to access my results, so I did not have to worry about my data falling into the hands of a spammer. 

Rate Retriever's Results

For the first profile I tested, Rate Retriever’s short quiz provided me with 16 results. I was happy to see that not only were all of these results actual insurance providers, but they also all had rate estimates available right on the results page. This might sound like it should be the standard, but there are a ton of comparison sites out there whose quiz results are overloaded with redirects to other comparison sites and who do not have rates immediately available, so this was refreshing to see.  

rate retriever result tiles

For the longer quiz, the results were incredibly similar. The only difference was that I was offered 17 insurance companies rather than 16. For both quizzes, Rate Retriever also shows the top 10 providers ranked from the cheapest to the most expensive option.  

rate retriever ranking

Furthermore, Progressive was the only sponsored result, and it was not prioritized over cheaper options. What I mean by “sponsored result” is an option on your results page where we have the ability to connect you with a provider or an agent who can sell you a policy. We may make a commission when you click, call, or purchase from one of these providers; however, we also believe that having these options available makes it easier for our users to purchase a policy from their chosen company. For example, our non-sponsored results simply redirect you to the insurer’s website, where you will need to input all of your information a second time to receive a quote. “Sponsored results” give you a seamless connection to the company you choose, further simplifying your insurance shopping experience.  

Despite the fact that Rate Retriever cannot sell me a policy directly, all of the results provided me with a seamless connection to the carriers either through a “visit provider site” button or a “contact carrier” button for sponsored results.  

For the second profile I tested, the short quiz gave me 18 results, still all insurance companies and all with rates except for one (Liberty Mutual). This profile only warranted two sponsored tiles (Liberty Mutual and Mercury) and they were still not prioritized over cheaper options. The long quiz provided me with similar results again, except this time I was only matched with 17 companies instead of 18. 

long quiz results

The last profile I tested had the highest number of results, but also had the most without rates. The short quiz for this profile returned 20 insurance providers, and six of them did not have rates immediately available. This profile also had 11 sponsored resultsProgressive, Allstate, National General, and more. For the longer quiz, the only difference was that there were 19 results rather than 20. 

Lasting Impressions

Again, my own bias notwithstanding, I was very happy with the results Rate Retriever provided me with. I was offered the highest number of results compared to any other comparison site that I have tested, and on top of that, every result was an actual insurance company rather than another comparison tool. 

I also really appreciated that Rate Retriever allowed me to choose whether I wanted to view my rates by month or by year. This helped me to conceptualize what the financial commitment would be long term so I was able to easily decide if a certain policy would fit into my budget.  

Is Rate Retriever worth it?

In my opinion, yes Rate Retriever is worth it. Since we do not collect your contact information, you don’t really have anything to lose here, except maybe the few minutes it takes to take the longer quiz and review your results. While the comparison tool that you use will depend on your own goals, Rate Retriever poses no privacy risk and provides you with comprehensive results every time. 

How Rate Retriever stacks up against other comparison sites

Rate Retriever vs The Zebra

There are a few key differences between Rate Retriever and The Zebra. First, based on my experience with The Zebra, quotes or rate estimates are often not immediately available on the results page. With this tool you need to visit the provider’s site to reconfirm your information in order to access your quotes.  

Furthermore, The Zebra only returned 1-3 results for every profile I tested, and they were a mix of actual insurance providers and other insurance comparison sites. Conversely, Rate Retriever returned rate estimates for the majority of the providers on the results page, and offered me 10+ results for every profile I tested. 

One thing that Rate Retriever and The Zebra have in common is that neither tool requires your phone number to access your rates. However, The Zebra does request an email address while Rate Retriever does not. 

Immediate results More than 3 results
Rate Retriever Yes Yes
The Zebra No No

Customer reviews

While I could not find any verified reviews on a third-party site, the reviews on Rate Retriever’s homepage were all positive. They spoke highly of how easy the tool was to use, how much money they were able to save, and the lack of a spam risk involved in accessing rates. 

Who should use Rate Retriever?

I think that anybody who is looking to get comprehensive results and view rates from multiple insurance companies in their area all at once would benefit from this tool. Also, if you are looking to access rates without giving up your contact information, Rate Retriever may be right for you. 

Who shouldn’t use Rate Retriever?

Anybody who is looking to try out multiple insurance comparison sites should probably not use Rate Retriever. Since we only match you with insurance providers, you will not see any other comparison sites to try on your results page. I know there are people out there who want to go through multiple quiz experiences before making their choice, and if this is you Rate Retriever might not be your best option. 

Rate Retriever company details

While Rate Retriever does not have a customer service phone number, you can direct all of your questions to our email address at [email protected] 

Rate Retriever FAQs

Is Rate Retriever a good insurance company?

Rate Retriever is not an insurance company. It is an insurance comparison tool designed to help you compare rates at the top providers in your area based on your answers to a few quiz questions.

Is Rate Retriever legit?

Rate Retriever is legit because they do not collect any use contact information, they provide you with an unbiased and comprehensive list of carriers, and they offer real rate estimates right on the results page.

Is Rate Retriever safe?

Since Rate Retriever does not collect any of your contact information, Rate Retriever is a safe site to use. We also have a data privacy policy available, so you know your information is safe with us.

Is Rate Retriever reliable?

Rate Retriever is reliable because they provide rate estimates based on third-party data.

Who owns Rate Retriever?

Rate Retriever was founded in 2022, and is an owned and operated digital property of Soleo Communications.


For each car insurance comparison website we review, we evaluate several factors including: 

  • Risk of spam – based on contact and personal information required and the number of calls, texts, and/or emails we received after testing 
  • Quality of results – including the variety and relevancy of results, how many end-providers are listed, and if rates/quotes are included in the results 
  • Overall user experience – including the quiz length, unique features, ease of completing a policy purchase, and customer reviews   

We tested and evaluated results for 3 different driver profiles: 

  • A married 50-year-old male and female in 02125 (MA) with a Good credit score driving a 2023 RAV4 LE and a 2020 RAV4 LE 
  • A single 35-year-old male in 14215 (NY) with a Good credit score driving a 2023 RAV4 LE 
  • A single 20-year-old male in 76116 (TX) with a Good credit score driving a 2023 RAV4 LE  

The opinions expressed in our review are based on this experience. Our team also has previous knowledge of the insurance comparison industry that may influence how we review top insurance comparison sites.